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Webflow Super Slow

Webflow is super duper uber slow now. I’ve been waiting for just my dashboard to load for over an hour. Still hasn’t loaded anything. First time to encounter this. All other sites, including those that do streaming, are working just fine. My internet is status is fast.

Anyone else getting this?

Even loads super slow. Like more than 5 minutes. What is happening?

Its been working fine up here on the space station. Probably a new dancing baby video or netflix just released a series.

Seriously, when you have an issue, it can be local to your provider or upstream carrier. You can also check AWS status since that is the infrastructure used by Webflow.

If it is system/network wide, the forum will get pretty hot fast.

If you tell me your carrier / provider I can scan the intertubes pretty quick for issues.

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Thanks for the reply. I’m accessing through the Philippines. I haven’t been able to enter the Designer since last night. I’m stuck in this screen:

I literally left it to load overnight. When I checked and reloaded and restarted and jumped up and down this morning, still the same screen saying, ‘Boo!’

AWS status is a-ok. My carrier’s current download speed is at 20.87mbps, upload speed at 31.73mbps. I killed every cloud sync platform I have, tested video streaming, but I still can’t enter Webflow.

This is quite weird. I’ve checked the forums, it seems I’m the only one having this issue.

Can you access other published sites on the domain?

Also did you try incognito mode (no extensions loaded) with your browser?

Yes, it seems to be on your end.

The most noticeably slow issue I’m having is publishing the website I’m currently working on, but that’s because I’m moving around a little over 400 e-commerce items from a CSV import.

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So I tried to access the designer using another service provider and voila! I was able to access all of my sites without a hitch. I then called my original service provider and I was told that there seems to be an issue with the Huawei🤔 modems that they supplied to their subscribers. Apparently, I’m not the only one who has had issues with accessing specific websites. Very strange. I’ve been trying to access Webflow since then using my original provider, and its only now that I’ve been able to successfully access the designer, after three days.

FYI: During the time my access to the designer was down, all sites I’ve published remained accessible, AWS status was fine, showed all systems nominal(after 5 minutes of loading).

Thanks @webdev and @Lifestyledq for taking the time to reply. Really apppreciate it.

Problem has been solved, although my relationship with Huawei is getting really shaky. Maybe it’ time for “The Talk.” Thinking of saying, “It’s definitely you, not me.” :wink:

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