Project's Designer not loading

Hi there,

One of my project’s designers won’t load and sticks at 80% of loading progress. Any ‘standard’ fix to this problem?

P.S. I tested both Safari and Chrome, Incognito as well as logging out and back in. Other projects load fine.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Please check your shared link, it’s not working or send it again.

Can’t share the read-only as far as I know but here’s the staging:

Oh sorry :laughing: since you cannot access the project. I was thinking to check myself to see if it will load on my side or not.

Checking on your site I see some errors but I’m not sure if that can cause it.

I think it would be best to contact support, since you cannot access the project and make any changes.

But before that you can do one thing, if you have custom codes applied from Dashboard, try removing it and see if that work. Or you can also restore from previous backup if you think you have not done much changes.

Thanks, all custom code was added in the designer and has been added a while ago. Never caused any problems before. Anyway I’ll contact support then. Thanks!

Having the same issue with a styleguide template that I’ve saved in one of my projects. It stops loading at 75%…