Designer stopped working

I went to roll back a backup, and now Designer doesn’t load anymore. When I click on “Designer” it sits at the last loading step indefinitely.

I’ve tried re-restoring the backup again (it now just says “Oops, something went wrong!”), clearing cookies, logging in/out, etc. Nothing is working.

Weirdly enough, when I click “Preview”, it lets me into Designer and I can see a view-only version of the site I want to restore. But there’s nothing else I can actually do.


I took a screenshot of the error I’m seeing in the console, and the point where things are freezing up.

This might be an issue the support team can fix. Can you please contact them through here: Sites - Designer | Webflow Support

Scroll to the bottom and click Email

Thank you for the response! I’ve actually tried to contact them through any channel I can find (including that one you linked), and no response yet. Feeling a bit hectic right now, because I have some very pressing deadlines coming up and I cannot get in and make updates/edits.

Do you have any other suggestions on how I might be able to contact someone for help?