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Webflow Designer Lag

Hi there,

My Designer is seriously laggy. I’ve been using Webflow for 6 months now, and only yesterday it started doing this. My design has stayed the same, so I don’t think its that.

Looking for any recommendations to fix this? I’ve tried all the recommendations in the other forum posts i.e
1.) Google chrome Incognito mode
2.) Clearing the cache on both browsers
3.) Trying both IE and chrome
4.) logging in and out of Webflow

I only have 4G RAM, but it hasn’t been a problem since yesterday.

P.S My Webflow design is 100% on google chrome, but on IE it bunches up and assets are all on top of each other - any recommendations here?

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Hi @camrobwhite,

The designer has had a few issues lately but everything seems fine now.
The internet is being used at its max capacity these days and I can feel a few lags sometimes in the designer but that’s understandable. Maybe Amazon servers are being balanced towards more vital online activities. Not sure.

4GB RAM is a bit short for Google chrome and other softwares all together.

About IE. Well it’s an obsolete browser and it’s full of vulnerabilities. IMO, no one should use IE, too dangerous. The reason you have display issues is that IE is not compatible with certain CSS layouts, you can check it on

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Sorry guys - I meant I use safari. I don’t know why I call safari IE :joy:

@camrobwhite I’m having the same issue, just starting last night. Designer had been totally fine until then, and now despite all the troubleshooting/other recommendations, just laggy and glitchy.

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Same here - my designer has slowed to the point that it’s unusable (three or four second delay between clicks). This is for an ecommerce site that desperately needs to be updated too…


My guess is that COVID-19 is creating a shortage of staff at the officers and this is leading to issues!

I confirm - laggy experience for me as well. Notably scrolling is janky and just feels sluggish.

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We have identified the cause of the issue and are rolling out a fix shortly.


The fix is live. Refresh and clear your cache to ensure the new version loads and should be good to go.

That did it for me, thank you!

Thank you!! Worked for me also

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