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[Webflow] Changelog + upcoming updates


I just came up to this on webflow.

If I understand correctly there is some update coming up, right? Or is it just a bug? What I really mean is that we should know about things you have done on webflow and if there are any projects you are working on currently. Maybe some of us - community - could help you out ;)

So... to sum up what I need now. It would be more than awesome if you could write a simple changelog every time you fix something on website. We could also build a library of things we want you to create, and things we want to be fixed. You could also write what you are currently working on and maybe some of us could help you out.

Webflow is not only a tool to build websites. It's a community that help us build it. We are Webflow.


Totally Bartek! We’re still trying to figure out the best way to show you guys what we have fixed and what we are working on now. Currently we’re making some big changes to the CSS system that has been taking a lot of our time. I hope afterward we will be able to create a good feedback loop for these updates.

As for the screenshot, try to hit Command+0 or Control+0. You make have zoomed in or out on your browser accidentally.

Yes, Webflow is a real community! I hope that each update will bring something awesome. I miss the “one more thing” effect.

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