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Roadmap / Changelog?

It will be a great idea to have a roadmap/bugfix/changelog for know what is going to be implemented next and what have change.

(personaly i would like em for typography ( ´∀`)


Hi @Pierro, great suggestion! Perhaps we will set up a special page here on the forum.

In terms of EMs for typography, you can actually do that today! For example, you can go to font size for the Body selector, then click inside the box and type “1em” and press Enter. This will change the units into EMs. Please let us know if that works for you.

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Its working ! thanks a lot.

Same thing is for setting up width/height in % :wink:

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That sounds great. Perhaps you could create a ‘Request features’ page where users can make suggestions and vote on the most relevant requests

I think this will make the forums less cluttered

hi @callmevlad

Perhaps we will set up a special page here on the forum.

Any chance this happened and I missed it? Would be great :smile:


Hey guys, we’re working on a “Since you’ve been gone…” feature built directly inside of Webflow that will notify of all the notable changes/fixes that have taken place since your last visit.


I moved a post to a new topic: How do I make 1em smaller than 16px?

Great to hear that, was wondering where I could find info on updates and changes

Thanks you

Hi Guys,

Is it possible for users to get some visibility into your roadmap? I’m assuming it changes a lot as features are validated etc, however it’d be great for us to know what we can expect from webflow in the coming months as it might influence how the most engaged users execute our own projects. I.e. CMS, blogging features etc.

I understand that you guys have competitors etc and this might not be feasible. Even if we can setup a features/feedback section on the forum where we can suggest & vote etc. Obviously there’s product considerations to be thought about with doing that as well, i.e. bloating etc. Just an idea.


Changelog/updates can be found here:

As for the roadmap, the official WF staff are usually very open about the future of this tool. Just have patience and they will reveal features that are almost ready for beta :wink: