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Webflow updates

Can WebFlow Community have a page where the admins post news on upcoming updates?
So users can have an idea what new functions will be available around when.
I think this will help users stick around more knowing what future functions will be available.
Just a suggestion since I want to know as well =)


Great suggestion @vinsuh! We’ll be adding a new category for product updates soon.

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This is a great idea. As an example, I recently found out about the embed block due to a user posting a thread asking for support. I hadn’t even known it was added yet. The + side is that webflow devs are clearly hard at work, adding new features at a rapid pace and keeping us all drooling for more. =)

I’m glad to hear you all also think it is a good idea!
I can’t wait for more functions!
I’ve been telling everyone about webflow! Please help me prove to them that you guys are the best!
I know multipage is coming but any timeframe?
Is drop down menus coming too?

It’s all coming! We’re working on multiple pages and everything around it.


I moved a post to a new topic: Transitions missing in new ui?