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How active are you folks with updates?

Just a general question? Cannot seem to find a changelog anywhere, and was just curious how often you roll out new features/bug fixes etc…?

Some requests from myself -

  • Asset Manager
  • Ability to save and re-use code elements
  • Ability to decide on the output (export) of the HTML and CSS - ie; not having
    the grid framework clumped into webflow.css with other stuff that I
    dont need as I carry on developing in a text editor of my choice. The
    grid framework should have the option to be in a separate file ie;

Great work guys

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@marcremblance we’re working like dogs! But really, we’re working every day to improving the tool and add requested features. We actually have some sweet updates coming soon! So watch out!

We don’t have a log of changes, but we do have a popup that shows up on the dashboard when we release something new (called “Since you’ve been gone”). We usually release bug fixes daily but we don’t mention it. We usually mention if we fix big bugs or release big features.

  • Asset manager - we have this planned.
  • Save and re-use code elements - will be launched soon actually. Not “code” elements, but elements.
  • Thanks for your suggestion. Maybe @danro can chime in on this.

Thanks dude!

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Great suggestion on the grid framework, we’ve heard it before.

Would it be easier if *.webflow.css was unminified so you can extract it easier?

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It’s a bit disturbing (esp. for beginners) to see the interface change and not knowing exactly what has changed, why and how it’s an improvement.

You seem to be very active with improvements, why not brag about them in a simple blog ?

my 2 cts.


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Thanks buddy, looking forward to the updates.

Hi Bryant,

Yeah, I don’t want to come off sounding pedantic, but it would be just that little bit slicker if you could have the option to have the grid in its own stylesheet (grid.css for example). I want to be able to jump straight from Webflow, into my text editor of choice if needed, to make further tweaks. I think currently you have the export feature more suited to someone who is just taking the files and uploading to their own server, which I really think is not always the case, and it just seems a little cumbersome for developers who would like to keep developing in their text editor to have to go through webflow.css, and go 'oh right I need to unminify this stylesheet, remove some elements like the webflow icons (because I’ve not actually used them), remove the w- prefix because i dont require that also etc…".

Another thing which I think would be really great (and where you could pull in the class name and then prefix & suffix), would be comments added at the close of tags, for example -

<div class="my-class">
</div><!-- end of .my-class -->

It would just make the exported html a little more readable.

I just think giving developers a little more in the way of options when they actually come to export the HTML & CSS.

Thanks for a great product guys.


Has someone done some changes to the exported CSS? :wink:

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Just unminifying it so it’s easier for you devs to work with.

We’ll keep it minified on our published sites for performance reasons of course