Webflow Release notes

Hey Webflow team, it would be so helpful if we could get a set of release notes everytime a new build of webflow has been released.

I think something like this would help us try out what has changed from the previous release allowing more responsive feedback. It also helps out those who are stuck in a rut because of some bug / feature that wasn’t available / didnt work correctly forcing us to jump through hoops. (I’m not taking aim at anything specific)

Keep up the good work! I really look forward to more awesomeness


Thats a good idea! :smile:

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Hey all

You can actually find this list here - https://webflow.com/dashboard/updates

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@webflow please make sure this page is updated, the whitelabel for CMS has not been added yet. We also need easy access to this page, i have no idea how i actually got to it


Updates tends to be announced on the forum by the developer how handled the features, then after a short while they reach the dashboard/updates. It is updated all the time, there was never a fail on that matter.

My apologies, i see it now :smile:

Hey no need :slight_smile: That’s OK :slight_smile: Lots of details hiding everywhere!