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Hi there!

New member here, so I’m sorry in case I’m posting it to the wrong place.

We have a copywriter app which we built in Bubble, but for several reasons, we’d like to migrate it to Webflow and by that leaving Bubble.

My question is:
What setup would you recommend?
Webflow + Wized + Airtable → so far that’s what I figured.
Checked Airtable, and the nr of records are seem to be a bit limited. Users can save the content they create…etc. What’d be the better option?

Could someone guide me here?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Welcome @petyaaa6 :wave:

That’ll be your best bet. I haven’t used this but I’ve heard good things about swapping out Airtable for Xano in that stack.

The problem is how much Wized functionality (and they have a lot) would cover your Bubble functionality. Only you can answer that, but you’d want to do a deep dive on this topic, first.

But there are also other approaches.

Many use Webflow for the site, blog, landing pages, marketing, etc… and on a separate subdomain have the application (off of Webflow) with some simple color theming to match.

So, your main Webflow site: copywriter.com
Your application site: app.copywriter.com

…and have DNS work its magic to route folks to the correct place.

Hope that helps!

Hey Chris! :wave:

Thanks a lot for the tips!

I also read abot Xano, but I thinks fairly expensive. And Airtable seems quite limited records-wise. 5k records? With 600users and they can save their stuff… it’s nothing, but maybe I’m wrong.

I was also thinking about using Webflow for the main site and bubble for the app (th setup you just mentioned). However, I’m not too happy with Bubble: expensive, issues recently, limited design, slow dev side, etc. that’s why I wanna move away from it.

What other option/setup do you think that could work?

Thanks a lot!!

I use both systems. Webflow is great for fast, SEO-friendly websites with great design. Bubble has a lot of capabilities and flexibility for database-driven web apps, at a reasonable cost. I am not aware of any better alternatives that are truly “no code”.

:thinking: Wized, Bubble, as mentioned by Ed3, not a lot of other no code options that work well with Webflow.

Something that falls a bit out-of-scope for what you’ve described is Memberstack.

Here is more of a “coding” option with Webflow that supposed to come soon: DevLink | Webflow

That looks very interesting.

You could also look at solutions like: https://budibase.com (open source, self hosting, or managed hosting).

But, that’s something you’re going to have to deal with.

You’re replacing expensive software engineers with a managed platform. The latter is waaaaaay cheaper than the former, but not cheap.

Hey Peter - we recently released a fully functional and free cloneable that does exactly this - here’s a link to it! :slight_smile: