Databases + Logic Stack

Hey Webflow Enthusiast :sparkles:

I am currently in the Process of building a site where users can get “matched” with each other, but I’m struggling with the database stuff.

Do you know a Tool/Stack where you can connect, create and edit databases? In the best case with a little more control and code?

Along my way I’ve found wized (, which could handle API calls and the Member Authorization, now I need a powerful counterpart.

AirTable is not an option, as their servers are strictly outside the EU.

Any suggestions?

I’m also researching options at the moment and trialling different tools. Did you find anything?

Wized has just completely changed the way I’m viewing building client sites, particularly those with 10k+ CMS items or that require user accounts. I want to use Webflow to build the front-end, then use a headless CMS as the backend. I’m building a site currently with Airtable as a way for the client to add/manage Products, and Snipcart for e-commerce functionality and it’s working well, but for bigger sites I think I’d start running in to problems with Airtable’s API limits so would need something more powerful.

There are lots of good solutions around, but seem to either require more backend knowledge than I currently have, hosting the backend myself, hooking 3-4+ tools together which is a bit too patchwork, or they just have CMS/data limits similar to Webflow.

I’ll post back if I find a good solution!