Web-app possible

Hello All,

I was about to create a custom web app in firebase. But was checking what’s possible with low code. I understand webflow is primarily a website builder.

If I can use membership for login and other third party tools such as airtable and zapper. Does this mean I can do most things a web-app can do in webflow. Just with less hassle managing hosting deployments and extensive coding?

What are the main Limitations as opposed to creating a custom web app on firebase to get and post data into a serverless database via APIs?

I couldn’t find a resource for details functionality of what is possible or not as compared to a webapp.

No, however the Wized + Xano framework provides a good deal of no-code app dev capability and flexible data storage.

No, not at all.

You may want to get more specific with exact needs versus “most things a web-app can do” to get a better answer.

Web applications can do a lot. It’s custom code.

Create, read, update, and deleting records in a database. Layering on top bespoke, custom logic to manage that data between the application layer and the database layer. All while allowing the user to manage that (or react with that) from the view layer.

That comes out of the box with most web application frameworks.

Not with Webflow.

A promising approach now is to use Webflow Devlink: https://webflow.com/devlink

You get all the benefits of using Webflow (and there are many!) plus all the benefits of using your own, custom web application.

I would say it all depends on what you mean by web-app!

We’ve made a whole bunch of free web app templates. You’d be really surprised with what you can do without coding!

That being said, Chris and Micheal are not wrong. Web apps can have very complicated pieces to them which cannot be built in Webflow at all.

In my opinion, a good approach is to build an MVP with Webflow - and then, thanks to Devlink, you will be able to eventually move to a React front end with a bigger budget and a developer!

Thanks. Just checked out wized it’s invite only. But looks promising.