Advice on integrations for a "simple" accountant website

Greetings, Webflow experts,

I am a seasoned software engineer specializing in the web platform, venturing into Webflow for the first time. My objective is to develop a website catering to the needs of an accountant, providing clients with a seamless platform for online accounting. My approach emphasizes minimizing code development for speed and iterative efficiency. I’m seeking advice on the best combination of tools and integrations for this project.

The outlined feature set includes:

  • Landing Page:

    • Call-to-action prompting visitors to create an account on the platform.
  • User Authentication:

    • Implementation of a secure user login system.
  • Gated Content:

    • User Main Screen:

      • Submit new work to the accountant, such as quarterly invoices, with the capability to make in-place payments (emphasizing the one-time payment model - no subscriptions).
      • Access to a record of past submissions/files.
      • Display the status of current submissions.
      • Display of important upcoming accounting dates that require user action.
    • Additional Pages:

      • Help Pages.
      • User details page, which will require some custom user attributes.
    • Appointment Booking:

      • Integration of a section allowing users to schedule appointments to engage in discussions with the accountant.

Additionally, I aim to provide the accountant with a management system, prioritizing efficiency over custom development. Solutions such as Airtable are deemed acceptable.

Lastly, I would also appreciate an inexpensive monthly bill from choosing the right tools rather than going overboard. For example, if it’s not Airtable and it’s Google spreadsheets, that’s still OK if it gets the job done.

Thank you ever so much for your time :slight_smile:

Webflow is not an app-building platform.
You can design a great looking interface with it, but all of your logic, data, and security would need to be built with something else.

If the screens and data you’re needing here are pretty simple and not e.g. a recreation of MYOB or Xero, then you might be able to build this with a Webflow hosted site + Wized + Xano.


As @memetican said Webflow + Wized + Xano is a great option here, except for the price:
Webflow around $29 a month
Wized $20 to $80 depending on monthly page views
Xano $80

Supabase is another option, replaces Xano but requires coding whereas Xano does not. Starts at $25, possibly a better option given you have a developer background!