Display data from Airtable in Webflow


Is it possible to display data from Airtable (or another third-party database) on a Webflow page? I have found many Webflow CMS syncing to a database tutorials, but that’s not what I’m looking for.

I need a database that will be able to hold way more than 10,000 records. Since Webflow cannot do that, I would like to use it only as a front-end and grab and display the data from another database.

Something else that I would be interested in is an extension of this question. Imagine a blog page where the articles are being displayed from said external database. Then, after clicking on one, it would take you to a template page where the data (like article title, category, text, etc.) on the page would once again come from that external database, so it’d look just like it’s been done with Webflow CMS. In such a case, would the URL (like /blog/article-name) have to be static = the same for all articles, or is it possible to have a unique URL based on the article name, even though the article data isn’t coming from Webflow CMS but from an external database?

I would be interested to hear whether it’s possible and why. Thank you!

Hey! There are solutions for this, but they are a bit technical to set up and clunky.

Whalesync can sync items from Airtable, but you are limited at 10,000 records.

You can upgrade to Webflow Enterprise, but that is rumoured to cost over $50,000 USD per year and still caps you at 100,000 records (and whalesync has a cap of 10,000).

What you might be after is a platform called Wized 2.0 by Finsweet. It uses the browser API to fetch data from your database (Xano or Airtable are good choices) and it does not need to use the CMS. Currently the downfall of this is SEO - as the pages are client side rendered not server side rendered, there is no data to show for google search engine. Therefore its best suited for dashboards etc.

There is a small Webflow competitor from Belgrade which is looking to go beyond 10,000 CMS, but I don’t think I can name them here without violating community terms.

Hey @Zac_Hardman , thank you very much for your answer!

I’m aware of Wized 2.0 although I never used it before, I’ll give it a look.

My biggest concern is however my last initial question - if I go beyond 10 000 using an external database, would it be possible to have template pages in Webflow with unique URLs?

Think like this website: https://www.numberlookup.com.au/number/61284884908
So it has each number in the database in the URL, but since I’ll need to store more than 10 000 numbers, it’ll be coming from an external database. Is that doable at all in Webflow?