Talent Community: Which app to choose to integrate?

Hello everyone,

I’m a very junior Frontend Developer who has almost no knowledge to Back-End Development. I just came across the power of Webflow (and am obsessed with it!!) but I have some doubts regarding which apps to choose to integrate with my project. Before spending time learning about the apps and how to integrate them, I’d like to have your opinion on which ones to use to achieve my goals.

Case Study: I want to build a talent community with 2 types of paid subscriptions: talents (actors, dancers, etc) and producers/casting directors. Both have different accesses. While talents should be able to create their own profiles with showreel, pictures, etc (althought not able to search for other talents), producers can search for talents with advanced filters. Besides this, I want to add a project management feature for producers, where they can create projects/castings and notify as many talents as they want for a specific casting, where they will receive an external video link with the talent self tape for that specific casting call. Talents should be notified by e-mail as soon as they are added by the producer to that specific project/casting and should be able to submit the external video link with the self tape. In the future, I’d also like to integrate a marketplace of places to shoot/dance/whatever, and also props to rent (vintage cars, specific decoration items, etc) where members can publish their own products to rent.

I’m wondering which is/are the best apps to integrate with webflow to achieve these features?

I’ve heard of Wized, Airtable and Memberstack but not sure which option to take as I never used any of these apps. I know Webflow recently released Membership features but noticed they are limited compared to Memberstack. I just don’t want to make a bad decision now and finding issues/limitations later in time after spending time and money developing a solution with any of these apps.

Thank you so much for your help!

Not much to say, but for building an app on a Webflow-hosted site, Wized is going to be your best current option.

It solves the central UI and data-access issues to build your UI’s. Without that, you’ll be 100% writing custom code and trying to glue things together.

From there, you’ll have an environment to build your app in, and you’ll have built-in options on aspects like data-storage.

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