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Varying the number of images on blog posts

I’ve been searching the forum here, the internet and You Tube and cant find an answer. Hopefully someone here can help.

I’m transferring a blog from Wordpress to Webflow. My blog is about art so many of my posts have multiple images, but some just one. It always varies. I realize I have to bring over the images one by one, but my question is how to I load multiple images to any particular post. I usually interspace text beteen inages as I give comnentary on each one.

Below is a lot nk to a typical blog post on my wordpress site.

Is this something that can be done or not?

Thanks for your assistance.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Did you try by wordpress CSV to webflow?

Also maybe her you find an answer (I didn’t watch this workshop):

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I transferred the CSV and watched that video. In the video, Russel states that you need to transfer the images manually. Are you saying that once the blog post text content is transferred all I need to do is go into the post and paste in my images wherever I want? Do I do this through the editor or the designer?

I’m new to Webflow. I’ve managed to come to grips with the designer and feel very comfortable getting the pages to look and do what I want, but I’ve never worked with a CSV, so it’s all a bit confusing. Wordpress did all the heavy lifting in the background, but I hate dealing with all the plug-ins and the interface is not nearly as granular as Webflow. I never felt in control of the way things looked.

I wish there was a step by step tutorial showing how someone who’s a neophyte can do something like make a blog. The Webflow University Videos are great and entertaining but they don’t explain each step. Most videos, in general, explain things from the point of view that you know what the narrator knows
Russel is always trying to do something extra, “That’s my way!” he brags, but it makes the process of learning more confusing than it need be. When you teach, you need to imagine what it’s like to understand nothing, and then build from there.

I know I’m piling on here but a related question is: do I need to physically create each blog page and connect it to the CSV manually?



There is a lot of tutorials about “create blog” in webflow. It will take some time to learn the idea of the CMS (Some learning curve):

(search on youtube)


Also, most templates come with a blog (so take a look of the structure). Example:

More templated (some label free):


inside this is the most related topic for blogs:

your Q

No. Webflow will do this for you (I never try to use a post with images inside the rich-text area - but why not trying this).

the rich-text images problem

Anyway for 40-50 posts - do copy-paste (only for the rich-text area) will take 1-2 hours.

learning curve

First start from simple “hello-world” blog - the importing issue is more advanced topic (First learn how to ==> Create a blog-page list, category-page and post page).

Thanks so much for organizing all this info. I’ll let you know how it goes once I get through it all.

Does anyone know of a blog created in Webflow that uses multiple images?

Thanks again.

I’m assuming loads do! I’m working on one that’s going to have a couple each post. It’s no different from wordpress or squarespace, just post the images in the post.
I’m not sure why @Siton_Systems suggested not doing this in the Rich Text? It’s true that you’d get more design freedom when adding images through the CMS but for most blogs, this seems like the easiest way to go. Looking at your current blog layout, that’s exactly what it would/could look like in webflow.

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Thanks so much Sarah. Sorry to be such a ludite but I didn’t have to deal with any of this with wordpress. I love the design flexibility that webflow affords me so much more.

Just to clarify, you’re saying that in transferring my old posts to my new webflow blog I can just drop my images into the text from the CMS I got from wordpress? Isn’t the CMS content all rich text?

I’m just trying to wrap my head around all this.


No problem!
Have you built out a blog post template yet? You decide what elements are rich text in the CMS. You’d pick ‘heading 1’ (easiest option) for your heading one/blog title etc… The body of the post would consist of a rich text element.
That way you can add custom content for each blog post, IE a different amount of headings, blockquotes, lists,… depending on what you’re writing.
There’s an option in a rich text element to add images, video…
That way they show up within the body of the post.
Here’s a link to learn more about the rich text element

Hi Sarah,

Sorry in the delay in responding. I decided to finish building out the rest of my site before tackling the blog. Thanks to your clarification I have a better idea as to how to approach it.

Thanks sgain.

No problem! Glad we’ve been able to help.