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Migrating image-heavy blog to Webflow CMS from Wordpress

Hi folks,

I’m finally getting around to considering migrating my wordpress blog over to Webflow’s CMS. But I’m a little nervous to get started. I’ve been watching and reading all sorts of content about migration, but I keep coming across things saying I have to manually upload all of my images in my individual blog posts.

Per this workshop video at 55:47:

Which seems more than a little daunting because:

  1. My blog is a photography blog, and therefore has very image-intensive blog posts
  2. The way my current blog is structured, all of those images have been added in what webflow would refer to as rich text.
  3. So does this mean I have to individually upload each and every single image from my old wordpress blog? If so, I can only imagine this might take me AGES to complete because I think I’ve got something like 9 years worth of posts to migrate. Oof!

Is this information still true? I know @PixelGeek mentioned in the workshop video that there would be a Phase 2 so that all images could be immediately pulled into Webflow. Has Phase 2 been implemented yet?


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Hi There - I’m still learning about Webflow myself, and I ran across this on the Wishlist…looks like Assets features like what you are describing are in future plans but not immediately available

@matt.bryant - thanks! I think this might be different from importing from a wordpress blog though?

Anyone have any intel based on my original question? Thanks! Still very curious about this.

Hey @KPMT did you ever find out any more information on this process? I’m wondering the same and it has a huge factor on whether or not I migrate a client’s site from WordPress to Webflow.

I posted here, hopefully someone can provide some more insight - Migrating from WordPress to Webflow - Media Files

Any update on this? I am also migrating but manually uploading all the photos for hundreds of blog posts seems undoable!

Hi @Jenna!

If your blog posts have embedded images (e.g., they’ve been uploaded to the rich text field of the blog post), when exporting your Wordpress CSV, those images will be downloaded to your Webflow site for you, and will automatically import properly, as long as you include a rich text field for the Wordpress post content to map to.

If you’re curious if this kind of process will work for your particular setup, I recommend exporting a CSV with only a few posts, importing that test CSV into your Webflow blog collection, and ensuring that the images upload as you had intended into the rich text field for your blog post content.

I’ve done it this way for my own image-heavy blog and it worked as I’d hoped it would. Definitely much easier than manually uploading hundreds of blog post images, which would most certainly be a bit of a nightmare! :sweat_smile:

The other added benefit of testing out the CSV import with a smaller number of posts is that you can really dial in your CMS collection to ensure it’s set up perfectly for your unique post content, and you can do this prior to importing those hundreds of blog posts.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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