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Best practice for uploading blogs?

What is the best practice for uploading blog posts to Webflow?

I’m looking for a quicker solution than copy & pasting plain text from Microsoft Word into my [post body] within the CMS blog, then styling each heading, image placement, quotes, etc…

Even if you don’t think your way is a best practice… I’d still love to hear it if it differs from this!

Bumping this to hopefully get some help improving my workflow!

You should not need to style your post elements individually. If using a rich text field with a class assigned, you could style nested elements instead. That should reduce the steps involved. OBTW: no need for post bumps. I usually pass those over on purpose.

I have a rich text field with a class assigned. I am curious if there is a way to upload a CSV or copy and paste the already styled (in MS Word) into Webflow.

Is there a way to get Webflow to take the styling from another application is the overarching question I suppose. Font sizes, bold, underlines, italics, left and right alignment, images floated to the right/left, etc.

You can import HTML into a rich text field. You can even embed styles in a style block. At least I have using the API.

Do you know of any good resources going into more detail about what you’re referring to? I’m still new to webflow and love a good resource to refer back to.