For blog posts, is it possible to have multiple photos on one blog post and not the other? How can editor customize blog posts?

I am creating a blog for a client. I made a collection and in the collection, I have both a photo and a video selected to appear on the page. The problem is, sometimes posts will just require a photo, some will need many photos, and some will need video. How can i do this? In the collection, they they don’t post a video, will that just not appear?

For the editor or even me, how can they add multiple photos throughout the post? For example, some posts might have a paragraph and then an image and then text and then two images - others may not have any. How can this be done in collections? In editor, there’s no option to add additional images

Thank you!

Here is a good example of a blog post with multiple images. Is it possible to create blogs like this in Webflow? The Subtle Art of Pretending to Protest — The Last Gen

Use the rich text element as the primary content area of your blog post. Your client can add images direct into rich text content.

I’d recommend teaching them these skills;

  • How to add them
  • How to prepare large images so they are under 4 mb
  • How to wrap and flow text around the images
  • How this affects the mobile view

We generally do these as video tutorials as part of the hand-off admin guide.

They can also add videos into the rich text element.

If you frequently have a featured video, or a featured image at the top of the post, I make the separate fields. Use conditional visibility to chose to hide/show those areas.

If you frequently have a collection of images like a photo gallery, you can have a photo gallery field as well and do the same with conditional vis.

You are amazing! I just figured it out. Didnt realize there was a bubble on the left side of the post body editor that allows you to add photos! Thank you so much for your help!