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Can you move the blog from Squarespace to Webflow?

Hi Everyone!

I am a Squarespace user and I am moving to Webflow. I am trying to see how I can move past blog posts to webflow. Blogs are very important to me and I would like to have them moved here!

Does anyone know how you do that? And if so, can we keep the same links as well?

You will need to export your site. Content (blog) is exported as XML. You will need to convert posts to a CSV format. Then you could import the entries into a collection.

Thank you Dev,

I will give this a try and see how it all works out.

Nik, did you have any luck with this as I have the same problem. The issue I have is the xml file is specific to Wordpress and so most conversion tools I’ve used do not read the file correctly. Any insights you have would be appreciated.

I’m in the middle of migrating a site with 643 blog posts. When I found out Squarespace doesn’t have an option to export your blogs in CSV, my heart sunk. I harnessed and called on the power of every corner of the internet and looked within myself to draw a somewhat rational conclusion…

I used to build websites on Squarespace + I build websites on WordPress and I know one thing to be true… you can import your blog into WordPress… and (stay with me) there are plugins for every gosh darn thing in the universe. So I took a chance and google a “export WordPress Blog to CSV” and came upon the WP ALL EXPORT plugin. So… I installed a local version of a wordpress site on my computer. Uploaded that silly xml file to WordPress, installed the plugin to the wordpress website and ran a csv export of all 643 blogs. Beats copying and pasting that shiz. It’s late but I promise to refine my answer within the next few days. Just wanted to let people know there’s hope!


Have you got any other ideas on how to migrate blog content from Squarespace to Webflow?
I can’t download plugins to my Wordpress account without paying for an Enterprise account.

Does anyone know how to do this without using WordPress?
The xml file that SquareSpace exports gives me errors any time I try to use a converter from xml to csv.