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Adding Multiple Photos to a Blog Post (not with "Multi-Image")


I am new to Webflow and trying to figure out how to put multiple photos in a blog post to show them at full size.

I usually put 20-40 photos back to back in a blog post. It was easy to do with Wordpress but trying to figure out how to do it easily with Webflow now.

I tried CMS Multi-Image option, but it is not what I want (it is like it is something for Lightbox design element?). I also tried adding Rich Text to CMS so I could add photos to the posts. But it doesn’t allow me to upload multiple photos at once. So it is not practical to select and upload each photo one by one.

Is there any easier way to add multiple photos to a blog post?

Here is an example of what I am trying to do: (Not my web site)

Hi @cakeantidote,

I think that the multi-image field is exactly what you need. What was the problem when you tryd using it? Can you share a read-only link?

Hi @avivtech,

Thanks for your reply. Let’s say I put the photos in Multi-Image section n CMS. Then when building the blog page, which element should I use to have the photos listed one after each other like on the sample page I shared in my first message.

Also here is the link to my read-only WIP web site. The photos that are shown are put in Rich-Text content (CMS), not Multi-Image content.

Try using Grid or flex and size your photos in advance.

Hi @avivtech,

Thanks, got it! It took awhile to figure it out. :slight_smile:

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I used word press to for my blog photos. Problem with the webflow multi-image content is I can only use 25 photos. Did you find a work around for that?