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Value is overwritten by a more specific selector error


Has anyone come across the issue where the designer is telling you a bunch of attributes for a class are being overwritten but there are not more specific selectors? See image:


Any attribute that was set for the class “grid-coll actions” displays as over written by the exact same “more specific” selector “grid-coll actions”. If I try to edit any of these values, it isn’t respected due to the imaginary more specific selector.

I have had this before. I usually have to delete the class completely and make a new one. In this case the class is very popular and that will take forever given how poorly the designed is functioning with this complex site.

I hope there is another option.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Matt_g, thanks for your post, this can happen if you are using the same class as a both a global and combo class. I would have to see your design and look at the elements, could you help to share the project read only link? ( Share a project’s read-only link)

If you can help to share what page and a screenshot of the element in the navigator having the affected classes, that will help.

Also, I would recommend to clear unused styles on the site from the Style Manager for performance and for site tidyness reasons, the more classes are used on the site, the more the performance take a hit in the browser.

Here is a an article on how to Troubleshoot Designer issues

Thanks @cyberdave. I have fixed the problem with your idea as a hint in the right direction. It didn’t seem to be conflicting global class (no “actions” at the root level) it was actually duplicate combo classes. I found three instances on “grid-col actions” which is very puzzling as that shouldn’t be allowed. I renamed them all "actions0, actions1, and actions2) and then change actions0 back to just actions. I was then able edit the class as usual.

Hi @Matt_g, thanks for letting me know, I am glad that was worked out.

p.s. We just released Prebuilt Layouts today :slight_smile:

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