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Problems with the New Class Selector

Continuing the discussion from The new class selector:

Continuing the discussion from The new class selector:

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Attention Webflow staff members,

Was wondering if there are any updates on the above issues with the class selectors, found by us webflow lovers?

Along with the above bugs stated by @vlogic and @Mowgli, I have also been experiencing with removing nested classes and joint global classes from elements. After asking on the forum I found out that this issue is due to classes being defined twice on one element automatically by webflow class selector.
So when an element has more than one defined class and you wish to remove the outermost child class … it is not possible because it has also been defined as a parent class. Meaning that, not only that you can’t remove the child class you can’t remove all the other classes above it because currently webflow class selector only allows users to remove classes from a element in order.

Anyhow there is a solution, that is if you rename the child class … it is then removable but the class will no longer have any css properties associated with it and all other elements that uses that class will change because the class name is no longer the same as the global class name that the class has inherited from.

At first the solution worked okay for me since it only made me use a bit more time. But after a while this becomes a big issue because all my classes become unstable and messy due to all the renaming. Therefore the designing process in webflow now, has become more tedious, frustrating, annoying and time consuming. I had to spend hours figuring out what class I just renamed that caused some elements to misbehave … next and I go and fix it, hoping all will work out just to discover that another class needs renaming.

At one point I gave up and headed to the backup page to restore my project … which I came to discover that the preview button has been taken off. Therefore I didn’t want to take the risk of not knowing what I would be restoring my site to, so I went back to dealing with the disastrous class selector.

The button is also another issue, please acknowledge.



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