The value is overridden by more specific selector

Hi I have this problem - cannot edit the class - I get the message - The value is overridden by more specific selector, any ideas why?

Here is my site Read-Only: **Webflow - Website

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It means two of your combo classes are competing for the same properties.

In your case, .header-large 2 and .margin-bottom-48 have different styles for your typography properties. I would clear all styling on .margin-bottom-48 except for the 48px bottom margin so that it inherits the styling from the parent class without conflict.

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Hmm thank you, how can I clear all styling in .margin-bottom-48? Also I can modify this on different viewport, simply cannot do that on the base breakpoint :confused:
Also the properties are different :confused:

You need to clear the styling by selecting just the margin class.

Not sure if that’s what you mean… I selected just this class .margin-bottom-48 and pressed Option key to clear the styling in Typography panel but it didn’t help, could you maybe record a screen to show me what exactly should I do?

Yes, sorry I should have clarified what that means. Take a look at the video below. It seems like .header-large 2 is causing problems. It may be because it’s being used in a different combo.

Just a helpful note about the color identifiers on the properties (you may already know this):

  • If the property label is orange, then it’s inheriting styles from a parent class
  • If it’s blue then it’s overriding
  • If it’s crossed out like you had, then at least two classes have different styles for the same properties.
  • If it’s gray, then no styling has been changed and it’s using default styles.
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Thank you - that helped!

Cool! Make sure to mark this as solved!

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