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The new class selector

OK , they updated the selection of classes, it was great BUT …

Now I can not put two global classes in the same div, i create 2 classes (global), but when I apply i ca’not use two global and creates a nested


That’s true, in the old interface we could input more than one class, but now only one is allowed. Also if there is more than one class for an object, you can not define a state (hover, pressed) for a second class any more. Why an update in the backward direction?

I have emailed the support team about this and waiting for an answer


Oh … :astonished: this little detail is really hurting A LOT

PLEASE! It hurts a lot.

I already sent an email to saying the same. Waiting for a reply.

I had to stop doing what I was doing because my class structure is based exactly on applying global classes to objects.

They just answered me. I am really upset. I will have to move to another tool. Have you guys tried Webydo?

"Hi Thiago,

Thanks a lot for the update. I can understand the issue, and I am sorry for the workflow changing. With the new style selector, it is not possible to have two independent classes used on the same element.

So at the moment, you would need to create a base parent class and then define combo classes for each parent class.

Please let me know in case you have any further questions.

I will also make sure your comments get to our dev team, so they are are aware of the workflow you have been using with this, and how the changes to style selector are impacting your workflow.

I hope this helps. If not, please let me know – I’m happy to assist further! :slight_smile:


Hi @lucaspchara @thiago - we hear you, and we’re investigating a possible solution. Stay tuned!


Yew! I hope you come up with a solution @callmevlad !

I was here desperate looking for another tool (and there is no other tool actually as good as webflow … counting on you guys ;))

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Applying independent CSS classes to many places in the HTML makes the classes very reusable. It’s a common practice for me as well, as I find myself changing many stylings in less steps this way. I see Webflow favours combo classes. If that might be easier for a designer who doesn’t know coding, it surely is a major drawback for us, the designer who know how to make a solid CSS architecture. So the question might be, what kind of designers is going to favour Webflow?


I think that Webflow can favour both. The old class selector IMHO was better than the new one because it was embracing both approaches (using nested AND global/independent classes)

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Actually that’s true. Although as a newbie to Webflow, it was not entirely intuitive for me to realise that I can add 2 independent classes as when I was typing the second classes, it was automatically nesting under the first one. But anyway, at least it was possible, and I was really happy for it.

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@thiago nothing is as good as webflow ;). But @callmevlad putting multiple global classes was integral to my workflow, not just for applying global styles like fonts and things, but also because you can’t target combo classes with interactions, so when I have two of the same element and only want to target one of them with an interaction that is no longer possible which is actually a really common happening for me specifically as I am doing a lot of work on special interaction sequences etc. and things so this is really inconvenient.

It would be great to go back to the old system and/or to be able to target combo classes in interactions, or to have some other (better) system decided by the high lords of webflow ;).


I am very upset too. The ability to apply multiple global classes was so much useful. For example, we were using this feature to define different classes for fonts, margins, colors etc. This way it was very convenient to change the main theme only by changing a few classes.

Besides this we also had many projects developed by using this feature and there are hundreds of classes defined like this. Now we are halfway through the projects and to continue we have to code somewhere else. Please Webflow give us at least a workaround to support the previous feature.

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I’ve just logged onto my account & discovered this. Really dissapointed.

I completely get that for people who don’t work in CSS this will make things easier…but removing the option for users to work with global classes is a bit of a kick in the teeth.

For larger web projects, using an Object Oriented approach to CSS is pretty much a necessity to avoid bloat and ensure that back-end developers aren’t given a massive head ache when handing over sites. In order to work this was i’m going to have to do a ton of work in custom code, then manually add it to the CSS files post-export…

Surely having to work only in combo-classes is going to increase CSS bloat - especially in larger projects - due to duplicated styles that could have been easily mitigated by global classes?

@callmevlad - really hope you find a solution to this.

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This is a kind of things that should be announced in advance. I am runnign a couple of projects. Bam! All my classes turn to mess of global and nested ones.

Combo? What is that? I don’t understand the terminology.

And I don’t like the design. Having short nested class names makes it difficult to jump to the rename/remove button:

Voting for the previous class selector. Definately.


This is very disappointing to me as well.

I’m working a few projects too, and low behold SMACK – Have a new feature that cripples your workflow!

Why on earth would Webflow roll out this change knowing that it would break users’ workflows? It’s obvious that many users rely on global classes – it comes up all of the time in the forums.

And why on earth would Webflow roll out this change without advanced notice?

This is very, very disappointing.

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Hi guys, I can totally understand your frustration. As @callmevlad mentioned, this is being investigated. There will be another update about this. I appreciate your patience.

If you have feedback you would like to share directly on this issue, feel free to send an email to



At least you could let us choose the version of webflow (such as Photoshop CS6, cc).
Or make the change later, leave us a few days to adapt … I do not know …

I’ve got two big projects and that hurts a lot, :dizzy_face: I was out of work thinking that would fix it … now I’m hoping very much … … for a solution … :cold_sweat:

But as you guys are amazing, I bet there will be a solution! :wink:


Thanks @cyberdave & @callmevlad - good to know you’re looking into it :smile:

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I be all like:

There will be a solution :slight_smile: these guys have been bussssy. Keep up the hard work!

One solution in the interim is to just create new classes with the same capabilities, yeah it’s not ideal, but it’s a work around. :slight_smile:


Yep, this is not an improvement. Please find a solution asap.