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Issues with Webflow and user Opinions

Continuing the discussion from Disastrous Problems with the New Class Selector:

So what is happening to Webflow??? Wouldn’t these bugs make new and old users leave?
And with all these bugs why does webflow keep changing the pricing structure so much?

The reason I fell in love with webflow on the first sight was because I could see you guys allowed me to export code with a free account, which I loved because I would be able to use your visual designer and watch my code change to the actual structure I want it. Now you can’t even do so with the micro account or read from the code preview. I would have to get the $20 /month to export! Along with that when experimenting with webflow at first, it allowed 5 pages, now only 2.

I understand that you guys need to make profit to run your business and hire more talents that’s why I tried to cope with everything but after the launch of the new class selector ui … I don’t feel as confident with webflow anymore. There are just so many bugs and it has been so long. We can’t wait forever.

What’s disappointing is looking at the price structure… webflow doesn’t seem to be keeping us, designers in mind but more for the clients of the designers; SMBs. Even though your true market is the designers. The pricing structure is similar to tools like wix, weebly … etc. when webflow should be entirely different.

With all the above, I’m really worry about the future of Webflow.
Though I am glad to hear that they are rolling out a CMS. Just hope that it is designed according to a designer prospective and that all other bugs are fixed before it rolls it, because the beginning of something new is always quite buggy, which would make the current designer even more frustrating to use.

P.S. This post is not to intended to offend or give Webflow staff members any trouble but simply expressing my opinion and ux to them, so they would be able to acknowledge how we end users feel about the product and improve upon it, because user experience is very important in any service provided.

Therefore if any other users have their own opinions and problems with webflow please chip in on this post.



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