Using root domain (without www) in 2024


Please tell me if I’ve got this right.

If I want the naked URL to be the default domain, I have to add an additional CNAME record with the hostname “@” and the value “”.

My DNS server won’t allow me to add CNAMEs with @, only hostnames with letters in are allowed.

Does this mean I have to migrate the domain name to a different service?

I thought migrating my client’s site to webflow would be a good idea but now regretting it. Really disappointed to discover this root domain workaround stuff at the last minute.

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You need a “flattened CNAME” configuration in your DNS.
If yours does not support that, I recommend Cloudflare. Here are some migration tips;

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Hi Michael, so you’re saying I my client has to migrate their domain name? This is very awkward, and not something I expected when signing up with Webflow.

No, they do not need to migrate their domain name.
Yes I fully understand the frustration on the CNAME flattening requirement, and the need to migrate your DNS if your current DNS does not have that capability.

I don’t have any insights as to why Webflow’s hosting was designed this way.

Then my client does need to migrate their domain name, because that’s where the DNS is and I’m not going to ask my client to have two services instead of one.

So either way, something has to be migrated, and it makes me look bad in the eyes of the client.

Very disappointed in Webflow for this.

Hi Gabrielle. fortunately, they don’t need to transfer their domain to Cloudflare. They just have to switch their nameservers to it to use it as a DNS host.

Cloudflare’s basic plan is free forever, so they won’t need to pay for anything. You’ll just need to:

  1. Open a Cloudflare account
  2. Add their domain
  3. Import their DNS records (Cloudflare has a cool auto-import feature that will bring over the records. But be sure to doublecheck, because sometimes it will miss some CNAME or TXT records)
  4. Read the article above to implement the CNAME flattening
  5. Log into their registrar and change the NS records to the assigned Cloudflare NS records

You can do all of this on their behalf since it’s a bit technical. But the good thing is they don’t have to pay for anything and you both will be able to have control/access to the domain.