Using Root Domain as default with Go Daddy

Hi I’m trying to pubish my site to my custom domain. If I use the www domain everything is fine, but when i try to make the root domain the default I can’t.
I get a message telling me that Go Daddy doesnt support this. Is this true or am I making something wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Estrezz,

In order to use the root domain as default, your DNS provider will need to allow CNAME flattening - unfortunately GoDaddy doesn’t allow this.

The settings you currently have are the standard records for setting the www version as default (which is generally recommended with Webflow).

If you want to use the root domain as default you’ll need to use a service that allows CNAME flattening like Cloudflare - instructions here: Cloudflare Integration | Webflow University

Hope this helps answer your question!

Hey @Estrezz

I have GoDaddy also. You don’t need the TXT record, just the A record and CNAME. And the www will be the default.

Thank you very much!