Redirecting issue on Google Search Console

How can I fix that? our main website is but we are also directing to to

Your domain redirects, canonical, and sitemap all look fine, with www. as the primary.

Usually in GSC when I see that it’s because of how the GSC property was setup. If you created the property to you might get weird results.

Generally I’d create it now as a domain property, which seems to give more consistent reporting.

So on webflow we should set it up as instead of

In addition, I have an issue regarding google not crawling our meta description, could this lead to that as well?

No, Webflow is setup fine. A “domain property” refers to how you setup the property on GSC.

Setting up GSC with a property of is a different thing from setting up GSC with a “domain property” of

When you setup a non-domain property, GSC sees and as two unrelated websites. Domain properties fix that.

No, that’s more likely related to your previous site and robots.txt blocking. I answered on that question as well.

Hey All!

I’d like to jump into this with a similar issue. I just created a GSC account for my website However, when I submitted my first sitemap, GSC told me I had a few pages with redirects. They are as follows:

It seems as if I need to add a new property within GSC to have reporting be consistent. If that’s the case, what domain would you recommend I create a new property with? I believe my current property within GSC is set up as the following:
Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 10.51.30 AM

Thanks in advance!

The key is consistency.

  • Generally, use the domain property so that all the @ and www subdomains are properly consolidated into a single reporting property. It’s a good approach.
  • In Webflow, make sure you have a default domain set, typically the www version.
  • Republish, and your auto-gen sitemap XML should show that default domain in its URLs.
  • When you submit your sitemap to GSC, submit the canonical path;

As long as you are consistent in your use of the default domain name, you shouldn’t have these redirect issues.