Google Search Console will not index my pages

Hi everyone,

I’m fairly new to publishing via Webflow, and thank you in advance for any input!

I recently put together a (quick and dirty) site for a friend whose previous site was having a lot of issues on GoDaddy. We launched with a couple of the primary pages, which do not have the same structure as the previous site which was built in Wordpress and had very descriptive page titles and therefore URLs per the Yoast recommendations.

  1. The domain is connected and the www. is set as the primary.
  2. The site is visible and working.
  3. I can see traffic in Google Analytics.
  4. NONE of the pages are indexing in Search Console.
  5. The sitemap is submitted and shows 11 pages.
  6. The homepage shows in the ‘Page with Redirect’ section

I am guessing that this trend is Google slowly dropping pages which were previously indexed from the old site…

There is still traffic in Analytics, so it’s… there… the dip in the center is the period of transition between old and new sites.

The only redirects I have set up are for some of the previous landing pages that do not have an equivalent:


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Cady Acres WI

Here is my live site: (Please don’t judge, it is still a WIP!)

Here is what it says about the homepage:

It makes me think it has something to do with the www. primary domain — but really I have no idea…

Another site I have on Webflow appears to be indexing properly, and I noticed that it is in Console as the bare URL (no http:// and no www.) while this one is http://). Should I somehow be removing http:// from the site property? And how does one do that?

I think this may be the ticket. I added a new property to Console for the naked URL. It is starting data retrieval now. I will update the thread if it seems to resolve the indexing issue.