Using forms on Starter plan

I am looking to create my wedding website on Webflow but just spotted that on a starter plan you can only have max 50 form submissions.

Does anyone have any suggestions how I could have a different RSVP form that would allow me stay on the starter plan? Could I link out to a google form?
I’m trying to save money by building this myself and I just don’t think I could pay $19 a month for a year to have a few extra form submissions?

Hi Julie, that might be against Webflow’s ToS. Starter plan sites are not intended for actual public use so double-check that. With the free starter site, you’ll also have the Made in Webflow logo, and no custom code, etc unless you’re on a paid workspace that allows those options.

If you find the ToS is ok with this, you could always plug in a 3rd party form handler like FormSpark or Basin but they cost a bit as well, and they’re rather hard to integrate well without the custom code feature.

Similarly you could use with a GMail account to send notifications but it requires a bit of setup, and you still have the custom code issue ( needed to control what happens after the submit ).

I’d actually suggest you look at something like Wix or Squarespace for this, their free plans may not have the form limits.

Thanks for the advice!

I guess Webflow isn’t the right option for this :frowning: