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Can $10 Formspree Plan be used on multiple Webflow sites?

I have exported a few Webflow sites and they work great. I really like the Formspree service but I see they only allow 3 Client Email addresses on the $10 plan. Is the plan meant for one domain only? If it can be used on many domains, how can I setup each form to send to a diff recipient on say 5 different websites? Do I need the $40 plan? If so I might as well just host at Webflow.

Just looking for some advice. Thanks.

On the free plan some people say you get 50 and some say 1000 free submissions. Did they drop it from 1000 to 50? That is a huge drop and why I wanted to use the $10 plan.

Maybe there are some alternatives for you to use in the discussion on this
Reddit post.

Formspree says this:
Unlimited form submissions* Formspree is free for 50 submissions per form per month. Getting more than 50 submissions each month? No problem, there is an upgrade path to unlimited submissions.