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Third-Party Forms on Exported Sites

Hi everyone!

I’m looking for a contact form solution for an exported Webflow site being hosted on cPanel.

I’ve noticed that most services have price brackets based on the number of monthly responses.

Any recommendations for a free third-party form service that allows around 100 responses per month?

Alternatively, is the native Webflow form plugin configurable so that form submissions are delivered on an exported site? Any resources on this?

Otherwise, I was going to rely on direct email and phone calls for this client. Maybe even Google Forms. (but doesn’t look professional)


Both of the options below offer at least 100 submissions a month for free, and all you need to do is update the form endpoint:

As for native Webflow form processing, that’s only available with Webflow hosting—so a third party option is required for any exported sites.

Hope that helps, but don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions! :+1:

@WebShape along with the already great suggestions I’ll throw in a free Integromat account (Pricing | Integromat) which should give you around 500 form submissions per month - or upgrade to the $9/month tier for an insane amount (~5k/month) if the free tier doesn’t do it.

To set it up, you’d…

  1. Create a “Webhooks” module within Integromat
  2. That gives you a URL
  3. Copy & paste that URL into the native Webflow forms “action” field
  4. Now all form submissions go to Integromat (doesn’t matter if it’s hosted on Webflow or exported and hosted elsewhere)

Send that form submission to a free Google Sheet or Airtable account.

Thanks for the great suggestions, will make things a lot easier :+1:

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