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Webflow Forms - Are they free or alternatives?

I created a website for a client, and it’s my first time using the forms in Webflow. I created some pretty complex forms on their website because it’s a doctors office.

I think in total i have about 5 forms on the website.

While testing the website i noticed that when i submitted a test on the forms i received an email telling me there was a form submission, but it does not give the information inputted.

I started to do some research and i stumbled upon a post saying that you can only use forms with Webflow if you use their hosting plan. I already signed my client up with Godaddy hosting.

Can i still use the forms? Is there a reason why i cannot see the information inputted.

Also if i do need Webflow hosting are there any alternatives i could use if i’m hosting my website on Godaddy?

You might look at mapping form fields to google forms or if style is not the priority simply embed a form system you like. Host on webflow for sanity.

There is a whole section of form integration options on this university page,

I’ve used Sumo’s forms in the past, they work well but I’m not sure what their free/paid options are at the moment