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Need advice for hosting a temporary site

Hi community, I am needing advice for the best solution for a site that I am building. This is an invitation site to an event, where the individuals can register for the event through a form. This site will only need to be hosted for 3 months and then taken down. I need the form to handle up to 500 submissions per month. So my thoughts are and correct me if I am wrong, but I would host through webflow on a month to month basis which would handle the form submissions. But I guess I will need to purchase a custom domain name for this… or is there a better solution or workaround for this.

Thank you for your help.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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i would think hosting on webflow is probably your best option, unless you wanted to export the code and host it somewhere else yourself… but for that you’d still need to get a custom domain, in addition to purchasing & configuring your own hosting elsewhere and upgrading to an account plan that supports code export.

Adam… thank you. I figured I do a three month host on webflow, get a domain from Google, connect DNS settings in webflow. Now the form in webflow, I was going to have responses sent to their company email. I wouldn’t have to change any setting in the DNS for that would I?

No need for DNS regarding the emails to customer. The mailadress(es) you want to send the responses to, is set in Webflow Settings > Forms > under “Send form submissions to:” :slight_smile:

Thank you Morten… that’s what I was thinking but wasn’t 100% sure of…