Max Form Submissions

Is every form submission counted towards my plan? For example, I have a login form. If I had just 17 users login/logout everyday, then I would max the basic plan. If I had 34 users doing this, I would have to upgrade to the most expensive plan. That seems ridiculous!

I’m trying to build a SaaS app with lots of forms. I can quickly see my max being reached long before I get to even 20 users.

Is this right?
Please tell me I have this wrong or else I can’t use this in any meaningful way and need to switch platforms.

I would assume the login isn’t counted towards the form submissions, I think that is only for contact form submissions.

More here: Form Submissions - Webflow University

What are the form submission limits?

Each Site plan has a monthly form submission limit (check out the comparison chart on our pricing page). Enterprise hosting allows unlimited form submissions.

The count will reset each month, except for Free staging (e.g., an unhosted site on a Starter Workspace), which has a maximum of 50 submissions total.

What if I exceed the form submission limits?

On hosted sites (e.g., sites with an active Site plan), you’ll be charged $1 per 100 extra submissions over the limit on your next monthly invoice. On unhosted sites (i.e., sites without an active Site plan), forms will not be submitted after the limit is reached.

The count will reset each month, except for unhosted sites on Starter Workspaces (i.e., free Workspaces), which have a lifetime maximum of 50 submissions total.

Only thing which use Webflow’s forms submission handlers for capturing data are counted. This includes Logic, so;

  • Forms with the default webflow handler are counted
  • Forms with the Logic handler are counted

However these are not;

  • Login forms
  • Any form where you use a different action, such as a webhook
  • Search inputs
  • Custom filter forms like Finsweet’s CMS filter

How do you distinguish between a contact form and any other form? I don’t see any settings in Dashboard → Forms nor in the tabs for Styles/Settings on the block form element.

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This may have just been a random example, but if you use Webflow Memberships login form, those form submissions do not count.

Further if you use a third party user management system like Memberstack, again those form submission do not count.


With the latter they bypass Webflows form collection service, and you can too.

(don’t use this)


Add your own “Action” to the form. Now you handle all form submissions instead of Webflow. They no longer count form submissions.


Use Make (Integromat) to capture the form submission for you.


Create your own Webhook with the Webflow Webhook Creator.

Opportunities abound.

Hope that helps!

With respect to the submission handler, there’s no difference at all. When the Action on the form is blank, Webflow’s built-in handler gets used. When the form is set as a Logic form, Webflow’s built-in Logic form handler gets used. When you set it to anything else, those are bypassed in favor of wherever you direct that form data.