Using airtable as database for content possible?

Hi everyone,
I want to make dictionary same like this Large Glossary (1000+ items) Pagination - Webflow but want to use Airtable as a database to add, update or delete content.

Just point me any tool, script or anything that helps.
I will find a way to use it.

Thank you in advance!

This is exactly what PowerImporter was created for. Manage your dictionary content on Airtable and it will all be automatically synced to Webflow’s CMS.


Hi @Gaurang.
Josh with Foxy here. We highly recommend PowerImporter to our Foxy + Webflow users. Solid product and amazing support by Marc and his team.


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Hi @Gaurang! You could definitely use Whalesync for this: Whalesync | Airtable Webflow Sync.

The product is built to handle this exact type of use case. It allows for real-time, two-way sync between Airtable and Webflow.

Every plan allows for 1,000+ items.