Airtable as CMS question

So is it not possible for Webflow to simply display Airtable records as content without importing them to CMS collections?

I once thought about using Webflow but stepped away. It’s been a few months and I would have expected a native integration that didn’t require literally copying items over using Zapier or Integromat.

Bubble has a similar thing you can set up using the Airtable API; the content just appears, you can utilise it.

Is there any way to do that using Webflow and Airtable?

Tagging in @JudoHacker - I haven’t looked into his product in detail, however I believe he is marketing a service somewhere along these lines?

(Apologies if I am wrong!)

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As of right now the easiest way to utilize Airtable for your CMS Records is through utilizing the API. I Don’t know of a way to have the data just show up on the page persay. Basically you can manage all of your CMS Data within Airtable and the API will update the Webflow CMS through the Single Item Publishing. There are a couple of different tools you can use, I personally use Integromat since it’s a little bit cheaper, and the interface made it a little bit easier for setting up a complex integration like this would use, Zapier should work as well, as well as there are a couple other custom products out there specifically for that if you are willing to pay for them.

Thanks for the shoutout, Andy!

Robert, I’m assuming you don’t want to simply embed your Airtable on Webflow? It’s the easiest quickest way of getting your Airtable data on your Webflow site.

Otherwise, I created PowerImporter to make it super easy to import your Airtable data into Webflow’s CMS with just a few clicks, and keep everything in sync automatically. Give it a try and email me if you need help setting it up.


Yeah, the Zapier/Integromat methods are literally automating the copying of content from Airtable to Webflow, right? I wish there were a direct API option, to just show content hot off Airtable. I’m weighing up whether to get dirty and learn some code for that purpose, as it just seems more direct.

Thanks. I saw PowerImporter this morning, well done with it.
I was curious whether Webflow supports something more direct, like just having Airtable content show up, without resorting to copying/syncing.

Airtable has a Node + Javascript API, you just need to work around passing credentials by building a proxy with node that only allowed for read only. Of course this requires coding and hosting.

Yes, that’s what I’m considering, which is first going to require Javascript and Node knowledge. Unless I use cURL and fall back on my PHP.

Feels weird that my no-code ambition would lead to that. Maybe I should just use CMS Collections.

Correct, I do agree it would be nice to have a direct API Option, but I’ve used both Power Importer and Integromat and both work really well, I don’t even have to go into the webflow CMS anymore to make edits.

As far as real time goes you can set integromat’s run time to pretty much whatever you want, so you can have it run every 5 minutes so that way within 5 minutes of editing in airtable it will be on the site. Power Importer was an awesome tool, however the hourly refresh wasn’t quite often enough for me on the specific site I was working on

If you want I’d be happy to send you a snapshot of how I built my integration in Integromat.

@Joseph_Echegaray Sure - thanks.

There’s a new website builder called WeWeb that allows you to use Airtable as a data source / CMS. Might be a good alternative to Webflow CMS.

Thanks. I was excited to try this today.
Looks like a) it also involves syncing data from Airtable to the product, and b) so far, I can only find a way to include individual records, manually. (May be something to do with Collections, but hard to tell).

I think what you might be looking for is this little beauty from Jac Evans:

The Airtable app you install is called Publish and it works a treat:

I use it on our website/web app called Microbrave to show the Metrics from our Base (noddy example). This page just shows the latest record metrics from the Publish data but it can loop over all your data and display it however you would like using your normal Webflow elements. You just need to add some data attributes to get it to work so you have 100% design freedom :+1:

Interesting, Glenn. Thanks.
I wonder if it can support a use case analogous to a blog CMS, more than just showing individual data points.

I seem to recall that they have devised a way to go to a “details page” (what would be the individual blog post) from a listing page. Is that what you mean?

Yep, here you go: BaseBoosters Knowledgebase article

Yes - thanks. I’ll take a look.

Just saw this

PowerImporter has been critical in managing our sites that use AirTable as a client-managed content tool. Best option out there.

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Hi @RobertAndrews, it’s been a while since you posed this question, but wanted to share a big update that might be helpful.

We just publicly launched an Airtable x Webflow sync. Unlike most automation tools, it syncs data in real-time so you can effectively use Airtable as a backend to your Webflow site.

Here’s a demo video of it in action: Sync Airtable to Webflow instantly (without code) - YouTube