Syncing Webflow CMS with external database

Hey everyone, I would like to sync an external database with a collection of Webflow CMS. I am considering Xano or Airtable, open to good suggestions.

And any platform recommendations for the “sync” part? Zapier, Whalesync, or something else?

Also, how do you handle syncing single- and multi-reference fields?

Would love to hear your experiences or tips. Thanks! :raised_hands:

Whalesync or PowerImporter Pro all the way.

Webflow CMS syncing requires some infrastructure due to the API rate-limits. You can’t just update 1,000 records, you have to manage that over a 10 minute window.

Some considerations;

  • Whalesync offer 2-way sync, PIP offers external-to-Webflow, so consider where your source of truth is.
  • Check that the external db is supported. PIP supports Airtable. Whalesync has a range of connectors including Airtable, Supabase, and a lot of SaaS platforms.
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Hi @anthonychan2509 ,

I work for PowerImporter, so slightly biased :slight_smile:

Thanks @memetican for the mention.

Airtable seems to be the favourite external database for Webflow CMS.

PowerImporter is great if you have one source of truth such as Airtable that you need to sync to Webflow.
Whalesync provides two-way sync between various data sources, including Airtable, and Webflow. Their plans are more expensive than PowerImporter, so it will depend on your budget.

To answer your question on reference fields, these will not managed by Zapier.
That is where PowerImporter and Whalesync can really help, as they both handle these smoothly.

Feel free to give PowerImporter a try for free: Whalesync also offer a free trial.

I hope this helps!

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Another powerful tool is Byteline data sync. It integrates with Airtable and PostgreSQL (if you choose Xano) and handles single- and multi-reference Webflow collection fields.

Other features:

  • Easily configure a 2-Way or 1-Way sync, turn it live, and data will keep on syncing.
  • Historical sync will automatically update your pre-existing data.
  • Custom filters to fine-tune the data to sync.

Learn more.

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