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Using a multi-reference in a dynamic list

I watched the very helpful video about CMS:
But I still have 2 questions (Maybe you can do a sequel…)

  1. I made a blog site with tags, which are defined as multi-reference field for each post. I’m trying to show each post’s tags on the bottom of the post, but when I use the dynamic list I get all of the existing tags. Shouldn’t they be filtered automaticaly? Do I need to add a filter?
  2. What if I want to show the tags in the home page? Can I put a dynamic list (the list of tags) within a dynamic list (the list of posts)?

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Hey @LupoAsaf

Here is a quick video on your first question:

For your second question, no it is not possible to nest dynamic lists within other dynamic lists.

Instead, you will have to design the site such that the dynamic list of tags is outside the dynamic list of your posts.

Hope this helps!

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Fantastic! Thanks a lot.

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