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Multi-reference issue

I’ve created a blog CMS collection, each post is connected to a tags multi-reference collection. Each tag can be associated to multiple posts and each post can be associated to multiple tags.
I would like to display in the post template page, links to all the other posts which have the same tag. Is that doable in Webflow?

Thank you!

Yes that can be done.

The way you do it is adding a collection to the template page:

  1. Select your posts collection
  2. Add a filter to it that references the tag you need to show:

You can play around with the different references to achieve what you’re looking for here.

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Thank you @aaronocampo for your answer!
The thing is that I need to be able to define different tags for each post… any ideas?

Ok, but is every post going to have the same tags? Maybe I’m not understanding the functionality here.

If you have a post that has lets say tag1, tag2 and tag3 you want a section that shows posts that have the same tags? or a section that show tag1 and another section showing tag2 and so on?

Sorry if I’m not getting it.

Hi @aaronocampo, the first option is what I need:
If I have a post with tag1, tag2, tag3, then I would like to display in this post page a section which will contain all the posts with tag1, tag2 and tag3.
But it looks like I can only define 1 filter for tags multi-reference field, i.e. tag1 or tag2 or tag3 and also to define a specific tag.

Thank you very much for your help,

You could create a filtered category of sorts, so that when someone clicks on any of those tags per se, then they would be able to see a list . of those specific tag1 articles. I dont think you would want to have every tagged article showing, especially once you get beyond 20, that would be an extreme layout. At least offer the categories and allow your users to filter what they want.


Hi @Naama

I was going to suggest a collection of tags that people can click and be taken to the posts related to that tag but I saw that @WebDev_Brandon mentioned it as well so yeah you could do that.

Another way to go is using a plug in called MixItUp to filter tags/categories/etc which is really good for cases with loads of posts, it requires some code knowledge but if that’s something you understand it’s really powerful.


Thank you so much @aaronocampo and @WebDev_Brandon, I’ll try the solutions you suggested.