Filtering List by Multi-Reference Data

I’m creating a blog that uses both single-reference and multi-reference data. The single-reference is used for 3 main sections (News, Ideas, How To’s) of the blog. The multi-reference data will be used for tags. When a visitor clicks a single-reference data link, I can see how to create a page that filters a list view of posts for them. But I don’t see how to display a list view for the multi-reference data so users can click a tag to see other posts with tagged likewise. Is this a feature to come? Or am I missing something.

Here’s a link to the live site as I’m building it. This link takes you to a “tag page” but you’ll see the list view is not filtered by the tagged posts:

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Hi, same question here. Did you find a way to do it @mgiant?

We just shipped this feature!

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Honestly, you guys are amazing me with your responsiveness and the pace of updates and fixes. Because of this response, we’re moving over other websites to you. If you guys continue to deliver at this level, you’ll take over massive chunk of the entire web design industry. Sorta think that’s the plan. I just showed our new site and blog (built solely with Webflow) to some wordpress people and they are now converts. Our developers just celebrated that I don’t have to ask them to do custom development on our old custom Squarespace website any more. Our marketing team is all cross-training on Webflow now so we can all build pages and add content. Keep it up and I’ll be your biggest evangelist. Thank you, @thesergie !!!


Awesome! Thanks for your support! I’m stoked for the future of Webflow. :beers: