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Best way to handle blog tags

I’d like to allow for blogs to have and share multiple tag words. This is very common practice in blogs. My approach is to create a tag collection and a multi-reference field on blog posts. This works great, except I’m having a hard time displaying them in templates.

First problem: on the blog entry page, I added a dynamic list but cannot connect it to teh tags collection and constrain it by the multi-reference field.

Second problem: on the blog list page, I’ve created a dynamic list of blog posts. I was thinking I’d add a dynamic list within each blog list item, but Webflow does not allow this.

You seem to be on the right track. You can add dynamic lists to your template pages and connect them to mutli references to display tags.

You currently can’t display mutli reference data outside of template pages. You can use mutli reference data to filter lists and seperate your blog posts that way.

If you post your read only link the community can give you a more detailed answer.

Here’s how to share your link.

I’ve noticed this too. I’m trying to find out what use a multi reference is, if you can’t display its content? Can you explain the filter, or separation as you’ve mentioned @AlexN?

Thanks AlexN, I figure out how to display the tags on the template. Agree with Diu, that not being able to show them in a list of blog posts is a huge limitation.

Diu, I think what AlexN meant by filtering is that you can statically filter a dynamic list by tags. See image below. This is useful sometimes, but we really to be able to display it and add dynamic filters for many of my clients.

Btw, feel free to check out my testbed. I’ve done some pretty cool (albeit hacky) things with the blog list page like category filter and pagination. Basically I load the list without filters and then I wrote javascript to make the pagination and apply filtering.


Live site:

Nice man, i really like how you rolled with JS to make that look good.

Right now I’ve managed to use display categories in my dashboard by adding them as a single reference. Disadvantage: you can only have three. And it takes a lot of work because you need to select them from a dropdown instead of type them in like a multi-reference.

It looks like this when finished.

Thansk! yeah, with your method you also cannot select more than one, which is essential for tags.

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