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Multi-reference filtering problem, or so it seems?

Hello everbody,

I have a collection of posts with multiple tags representing themes (ie. technology, science, future). A single post can have more than one theme/tag, so I’ve created a multi-reference field.
I want user to be able to click on a tag and see all posts containing that tag, so under the Tag template I’ve created a collection list and wanted to filter by: current tag, but no such option is available.

Webflow states as an example of using multi-reference:

  • Category/tag pages: Display all items of a given tag/category on a tag/category template page

So I figure this is my use-case, but have no idea why it’s not working.
Please check my read-only link and help!


Here is my public share link:

Is this the filter you’re looking for by chance?


If so, just make sure you scroll down in the filter dropdown (if you’re on MacOS it may not look like the list scrolls)—it will be the last option in the list:


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omg, thanks so much! spent 10 hours trying to fix it, feel like an idiot right now.
But you nailed it, I’ve recently switched from Windows to OS and my mind obviously couldn’t comprehend a scrollable list without a scrollbar.

Haha glad I could help out! It’s a fairly common issue I see around the community so no need to beat yourself up over it.

If you wouldn’t mind marking my post as the solution (so other community members know you’re issue has been resolved) that would be great. Good luck on the project :+1:

that’s the least I can do. thanks again!

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