Using a form to create a CMS item with user image


I’m trying to create an automated flow, where a submitted form creates a CMS item including an image. This is challenging because forms don’t allow users to upload an image.

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I thought I could use a service like Uploadcare to upload the image, but the link UC creates is generated after the form is submitted, which means I’ll need a way to update a CMS item. I couldn’t find a way to do that.

Alternatively, I thought I could ask users to submit a link to an image. Then I need to somehow use an embedded element to place the image on the site. The challenge with this flow is that images might vary in size, so I need to find a way to crop the image on WF (perhaps like background images are cropped?).

Anyone has a clever idea how to solve this?


Hey Roey.

Submitting and Publishing an user submitted image is still not implemented within the CMS but it should be soon.

Here is the wishlist item;

Thanks @AlexManyeki.

I’m looking forward to the feature to be implemented, but looking for a workaround in the meantime.