Why can't users of the site you are making create a cms item?

Why is it so difficult for a user of my site to create a live item in CMS? It’s unideal to have to create an automation using a 3rd party tool like zapier to send data from a form within webflow → to zapier → and then back to webflow in the CMS… AND there is no great solution for images right now? I saw this and it says “Resolved” but this is only for folks using the API.

Is it best to use something like wordpress to create a site where you want your users of the site to create content?


You may already know about this, but Webflow Logic could be use in place of Zapier. That still may not be ideal for you but it is a built-in, native solution.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t allow for images

I’m new to the Webflow ecosystem. I been researching how to move ECommerce Order data into a CMS collection so I can build a report. Webflow University recommends using Zapier, so I played around with it today. I decided that $50/month was too much a price to pay for this functionality. Then I found Make (Integromat) and managed to get a scenario up-and-running for free so long as I stay under the 1000 trans/month limit. It has a Webhook listening for New Order triggers and a Webflow Create Item module to write the data.

My problem still unsolved is this item is ‘Staged for Publish’ and not live. I added a ‘Publish Item’ to the end of the Make scenario, but my test still has the item staged for publish. I am so close to having this scenario producing a live result when a new ECommerce order is made…


…and then it’s $9/mo if you can’t :smile:

That sounds correct to me. It seems like Webflow is having some API issues recently so that could be a potential cause.

Also, can you post the response you’re getting from that module? Maybe there is a clue buried within that if it’s something other than Webflow API issues.

I’m getting a 429 Too Many Requests error.

I have a new ECommerce Order with two items and so I am iterating over the purchasedItems array to create two Roster items. I see in the Make logs that the first Roster item is created and published. The second Roster Item is created but the publish fails. I found the current forum thread raising this issue: Webflow “429 Too Many Requests” Error in Make.com - App Developers / Webflow APIs - Forum | Webflow

It suggests there is a temporary 5 publish per minute threshold imposed because of some development issue and will be lifted once figured out. In my test I only have 4 API calls and 1 publish before the error.

I played around with the Make Array Aggregator hoping that it would aggregate the itemIds returned from the 2 Create CMS Item requests made so that I could then call Publish CMS Items once with an array of IDs. Alas, the aggregator is called twice and doesn’t aggregate the ids.

Having the iterator on the left of the Create Item request and the aggregator appearing on the right sure made for a pretty picture.