I need help regarding an issue

In webflow, I have a form where user fills his data and from the data a CMS item is created through webflow logic. Everything is working fine but the user can upload multiple images in form and I have used uploadcare for that. the images are not going into the CMS. What should I do?

Where are you having problems?

You’d need to create the CMS record before you upload the images. Most likely you’d do that in two steps-

  1. capture your initial data, and create the CMS item
  2. upload the images and update the CMS item

This will be difficult to do with Logic because it cannot return anything like a CMS item slug for step 2 to attach to. I’d probably use Make…

I’m using upload care by which user can upload the pictures of their property in the form. Can you write steps for me that how can I store the uploaded images into cms where my remaining data is going. ( Remaining data of form is going into cms through Logic)

Yes I saw that in your first post, but you said the images are not going into the CMS.


  1. Uploadcare can block the form post until the uploads are complete
  2. And return a URL to the image that is sufficiently secure for your needs
  3. And you’re OK with a URL in the CMS rather than the actual image

Then you might be able to make Uploadcare work with logic. You’d just need to read the docs for both to make certain the URL goes into a field before the form is posted, and that you save that URL into your CMS.

If any of the above 3 don’t work or meet your requirements, you’ll need to abandon Logic, and use a different automation approach.