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Form creation with upload uses data from cms api


Anyone got any ideas on this?

Need to create a form which pulls in a name, email address from the cms and has a field where you can upload a document.

Once the form is complete It can be emailed to the email address supplied from webflow cms and attach the file upload as an attachment to that email.

Like this for example >

So you click apply you they get presented with the form which is pulling in details from the database/cms and allows you to attach a document which you can then email.

It must be possible but how.

Any ideas

Thank you…

It would be easier if you break your requirements down:

  1. File uploads: Uploadcare seems to be mentioned in the forums as a workaround

  2. Form fields with values from CMS: You already can do this with custom code and basic HTML knowledge

  3. Form is emailed to dynamic email address: You need Zapier to read in the email address field and then forward it to the email address (not sure if Zapier can actually do this - but check it out)

Alternatively, you can implement your own custom email form handler hosted elsewhere.

I set up upload care, all works fine, it is just that i need to notify my client via email when someone uploads something. Or event better to forward the uploads to my client’s email address. The upload field is in a form in a page. Should i set up the forms from settings? If yes how?