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Uploadcare form image editing features

I have a form with an uploadcare widget. It works.

Uploadcare offers quite a few additional editing features like scaling, clipping and displaying a “thumbnail” image of the file the user just uploaded. Uploadcare does a decent job with instructions to get BASIC functionality of the file upload and integrating all of it in Webflow but the results do not match to more robust functionality of the generic input form.

I’d like the user who uploads a file be able to crop, rotate etc and modify the uploaded image before submitting the form (and providing additional data about the image). That data gets stored in the CMS with the help of a Zap.

I’m not all that conversant with Javascript so it’s not clear where the scripts and other elements go: or
I started with → Getstarted
then integrations → Webflow down the page.


But there is a cool “File Uploader Configurator” that offers more coding options but it lacks instructions suitable for the Webflow platform - unless you know more JavaScript than I do.

I’m sure others would like to integrate uploadcare into their website and previous posts don’t address this.

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