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How to Make User Uploads Appear on Site

Hello everyone!

I’m wondering if there’s a way to use webflow’s CMS to make files uploaded by users of my site appear in specific locations on said site?

For example, a user uploads a video on my site and once the upload is complete that video appears in a section on a page of the site.

Basically uploading their content onto my site.

Is this doable? I hope it makes sense?


I’m not sure about uploading videos, my assumption is that you need to use a third party service. I’ve done this for images. Here’s what I did…

  1. Added Uploadcare to my native Webflow form
  2. The user uploads an image (stored in Uploadcare)
  3. Uploadcare returns a link to that image
  4. I add the link to a hidden form field
  5. User fills out the form
  6. User submits form (along with image link)
  7. I use Zapier to “create a live item” in my Webflow CMS
  8. Now I can bind that CMS item to an element on my Webflow site

Hope that helps!

Thanks, ChrisDrit! Super helpful.

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